he Bay of Islands has Cruise Ships visiting our shores on a regular basis from September 2017 through to June 2018.

 To view the schedule – click this link BOI Cruise Ship schedule 2018 2019 season 

We will regularly be updating arrival and departure information on this page as and when we have the information.

SEA PRINCESS – Saturday, 2nd June 2018 Updated: 31st May 2018
Due to unfavourable weather conditions forecast for this Saturday, the SEA PRINCESS will NOT be calling into the Bay of Islands this weekend. This scheduled visit is therefore CANCELLED.

The Bay of Islands Cruise Ship Ambassador Scheme

What is it? – Bay of Islands Cruise Ship Committee has provided an Ambassador Program for the last seven summers on all days that there was a large cruise ship visiting the Bay of Islands. In the season ahead has 57 days of ship arrivals. Yet again Cruise NZ report that major cruise ship operators rate the Bay of Islands very highly even though we are one of only two tender ports in NZ.

Why? – It is particularly difficult for tender ports to rate highly due to the more difficult logistics they face, with queuing to disembark and embark so this is a great achievement by the Bay of Islands.  They particularly note the excellent communications all round and collaborative approach they experience and we still believe this program is one of the main reasons for these continued positive ratings. Blah Blah Marketing has been engaged once again to provide a comprehensive package of services including:

  • Recruitment and training of ambassadors – to ensure a warm, efficient welcome is offered to our visitors, within new health and safety guidelines.
  • Liaison with local groups and stakeholders
  • Providing, distributing and cleaning of uniforms
  • Preparation of maps and organization of printing etc
  • Preparation and distribution of material for shop windows
  • Administration and organization of Cruise Ship committee
  • Electronic notification via facebook ‘groups’ of all details to do with imminent cruise ship arrival.
  • As a contributor to the Ambassador scheme you will receive timely email notification of upcoming cruise ships all information needed as well as immediate notification of any changes to the Cruise Ship arrival/departure.

Costs? – It is estimated that the total cost of the above outlined programs will cost in the vicinity of $45,000 excluding GST.  We are seeking a contribution from all businesses and organisations that benefit from the business generated by cruise ship visits.  Those that have contributed in the past or those that are deemed to benefit specifically by the cruise ship visitors will be receiving an invoice in due course. You must opt out of this if you do not wish to donate to the scheme.

Small enterprises: Up to 4 staff         $400 + GST, or 5 monthly payments of $80.00 excl. gst

Medium enterprises: 5 to 12 staff     $750+GST, or 5 monthly payments of $150 excl. gst

Larger enterprises: 12 + Staff            $1500+GST, or 5 monthly payments of $300 excl. gst

Please note that the stallholders on the village green contribute to the scheme.

An ‘Ambassador Program Supporter’ window sticker will be provided to those who financially support this program.

If you want to invest in this scheme and support the continued arrival of ships and high satisfaction levels in those passengers arriving on our shores – please email Irwin Wilson irwin@fnhl.co.nz or call 09 402 5659