December 1st – 20th  

The Great Paihia Gnome Hunt, the gnomes are hiding in Paihia!

Can you find them all?


We need you the track down all the gnomes, take a festive photo of you and the all the gnomes (from outside the window), upload to #gnomesofpaihia, tag @discoverpahia and tag the location and to be into win great prizes.


The answers are the name of the business where the gnomes are hiding eg Ripcurl not surf shop. If you get stuck ask a friendly local.


Upload your photos to #gnomesofpaihia for judging


Have an Instagram icon and facebook icon – with links to




Download the app on your phone to uncover a series of clues to help you find the gnomes hiding around central Paihia.


  1. Scan the QR code and it takes you to the treasure hunt


  1. In Google Play/Apple App Store download “Our Treasure Hunt”
  2. Click on “join private hunt”
  3. Enter code    bqnxu

Here is the link for those who do not have phones The Great Paihia Gnome Hunt