Paihia Christmas Parade
December 6 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
The Paihia Christmas Parade is always spectacular with plenty of effort going into the floats creating a fabulous festive atmosphere.

The theme this year is Dr Seuss!

It is free to enter a float. You can enter under community or the business section. The whole aim of the day is just to have fun and celebrate our lovely town and Christmas.

All the shops, cafes and restaurants open. A great night out!

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The Paihia Christmas Parade is focusing on our environment this year (and in years to come!).  Our theme is ‘Dr Seuss’ along with the hashtag  #localsprotectingwhattheylove  and we are aiming for a low impact on the natural environment.

Ways we can do this are to avoid balloons,  tinsel, glitter and plastic of any kind, and to use recycled and repurposed items where you can.   Many floats are made with cardboard and flora so we are in a good position already!

Sustainability is becoming a central business message and our theme for the Christmas Parade will serve to highlight how local businesses care about protecting the natural world which brings the people to our town and allows our businesses to thrive.  This is exciting and no other parades seem to be doing this yet.  It’s great to take a lead especially when so many of our local children are increasingly invested in caring for the environment with Paihia-Waitangi kindergarten and many local schools being awarded with enviro certifications.

We would value hearing from you with further ideas on how float entrants and the public can contribute to make this an environmentally-friendly parade and reduce waste that heads off to the landfill.