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Queen Mary 5 March 2010 005.jpg
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The Waitangi Golf Course not only provides an exciting and ever changing challenge to the golfer but also the most tremendous panorama of sea and island views over the Bay of Islands and Russell, river and estuary views over Waitangi and Opua and rolling bush and forest views inland over Mount Bledisloe and Puketona.

The Waitangi Golf Club has just opened a new green, extending the par 5 Third Hole by 66 metres … making that relatively easy Birdie or even eagle opportunity that much harder at now over 500 metres in length. Along with the extended metres the new 3rd green itself is elevated and has deceptive undulations and borrows to challenge the putter once reached. Add the beautiful Par 5, 11th Hole, with it’s view across the Bay of Islands, your round of golf will be “just wonderful”.

Waitangi Golf Club, ProShop and course, come and play now!

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