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Kim 1.jpg

About Kim Mildon from Travel Managers

  • 30 years experience in the travel business.
  • IATA approved travel broker with Travel Managers
  • Level 4 qualified travel agent
  • *LIA Master Cruise Accredited Cruise Specialist
  • Lifetime commitment to travel
  • Travel Managers Group High Achievers 2018
  • Travel Managers Group 100k Club Award Winner 2018

And a few words from Kim herself!

Before you travel: – Bring me your ideas and wish list and I will get to work for you, creating and organising the best holiday for you.

While you travel: – I’m here for you, should you need anything. I’m just a phone call or an email away. I’m like a virtual assistant, almost like I’m with you in your suit case, so its total peace of mind for you all the way.

After you travel: – I’d love to know how you enjoyed your holiday experience.

I specialise in cruising:

You have decided you want to take a cruise –   But where? – with cruises from Alaska to Zanzibar there is a destination choice for everyone.   Are you thinking Luxurious, educational or just some good pleasurable times?  There is such a choice, thousands of itineraries and so many different ships!    It can seem like a daunting and even stressful task choosing between destinations and providers, especially for first time cruisers.

There is nothing like a well-planned and well-organised holiday. What you need it someone who take your inspiration, does the research, knows a few tricks and know how to connect the dots and bring it all together in one seamless package.  Nothing brings me more satisfaction than organising a travel experience for my clients that makes them smile and gives them lasting memories worth sharing. And with 30 years’ experience I have a very successful track record.

“I delight in turning first time clients into lifetime customers”