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Cellini’s Gelateria and Espresso bar offers a range of Rush Monro’s Ice cream and speciality ice cream products (ie. – banana splits, sundaes, etc.), Cellini’s brand Gelato, full range of coffee products, smoothies and frappes.

Cellini’s offers a large, high quality and delicious range of ice creams, ice cream based products and gelatos. Our ice cream range is made by Rush Monros, New Zealands oldest ice cream and is 100% natural while our gelatos, which are also made from natural products, are authentic Italian and are specific to Cellini’s. Complimentary to this we offer and provide a full range of espresso based items including our chilled espresso based drinks (frappes), smoothies and milkshakes made with the same 100% natural ice cream. Cellini’s can be found at two locations, in Paihia and one in Russell. Come to Cellini’s to experience not only fantastic ice cream and gelato but also to enjoy a first rate coffee or one of our other refreshing beverages.

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Contact name Richard Holt

Address Corner of William and Marsden Roads


Postal Address P.O. Box 76, Paihia, 0247