The aim of the Focus Paihia Community Charitable Trust, on behalf of the community, is to see Paihia become an exceptional place to live, work and visit. We want to see Paihia ‘welcomeblossom’ and thrive, while retaining its friendly, village like atmosphere. Already we are a great place, however, it is recognised that we could be doing a lot better, both in how we present ourselves and how we interact with each other and our environment.

We want to make ‘Paihia shine’, through:

  • clear leadership and direction by inspiring and uniting our community and celebrating our successes;
  • supporting and facilitating our community’s ideas for future public developments;
  • commenting and providing submissions on future developments;
  • having strong relationships and open communication practices;
  • encouraging local sustainable employment opportunities;
  • promoting and maintaining a rich, versatile and sustainable volunteer base; and
  • a sustainable charitable entity while remaining impartial and focused on the bigger picture.



Horotutu Park2