The Bay of Islands has been growing its cruise ship industry for the past 10 years, this page will give you up to date information on the ships and also how you can support.

To view the schedule – click this link Cruise Ship schedule 2019-2020 season

We will regularly be updating arrival and departure information on this page as and when we have the information.

UPDATE ON CORONAVIRUS from NZCA (New Zealand Cruise Association).

NZCA has asked central government to provide information on Coronavirus supporting the zero risk that cruise ships pose to our cruise communities, and they will do this in the next few days.
CLIA has provided a very good short backgrounder to the efforts that the cruise industry are making to ensure that Coronavirus does not pose any risks from visiting cruise ships.  Please click here for more information.

If you have any concerns about Coronavirus, please call the Ministry of Health helpline 0800 358 5453 or visit their website for the latest updates and information

RUBY PRINCESS – Wednesday, 18th March 2020 visit – CANCELLED

As many of you will be aware, the Government announced over the weekend that all cruise ship’s entering into New Zealand waters are now banned until the 30th June 2020.  This is extremely disappointing news but a reality of the ongoing global health crisis surrounding Covid-19 novel coronavirus.

At the time of these announcements, cruise ships that were already here in New Zealand ports were still able to continue and finish their voyages.  This meant that the Ruby Princess which was in Wellington at the time, was still on schedule to visit the Bay of Islands this Wednesday, 18th March.  However, as of last night, Princess Cruises have cancelled this visit and have decided to return both the Ruby and Golden Princess cruise ships back to their Australian ports immediately.

This also means, it is highly likely that there will be no further cruise ship calls at all until after the 30th June 2020.  We deeply regret that our season has ended so abruptly and earlier than expected.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support of the cruise ships to the Bay of Islands this season.  Every year this is a massive logistical undertaking with many people working hard behind the scenes and on the ground to make these cruise ship days run smoothly.  We thank you all again for your hard work this season.

We look forward to seeing what the next couple of months bring, so in the meantime – recharge and take a well earned break if you can and we will see you back for the 2020/2021 cruise ship season.


The Bay of Islands Cruise Ship Ambassador Scheme

For the last ten seasons, the Bay of Islands Cruise Ship Committee has provided an Ambassador Program on days that there is a large cruise ship visiting the Bay of Islands. In the 2019/2020 season ahead, this will be on 64 days with 70 ships in total.

Facts to consider
· There are now 16 ports in NZ actively searching for the cruise ships to stop in their port
· This year we have a 18% increase in passenger numbers to 150,000
· Whangarei is working hard to attract ships into Marsden Point – 3 already confirmed
· If we reduce the passenger experience, the warm welcome and efficient communication to ensure our cruise visitors really have the best day, our satisfaction levels will drop and this may result in a decline in numbers and ship visits

Why do we need the cruise ship Ambassador Program?

Many years ago, the Bay had a very low rating and profile within the industry due to the lack of co-ordination and information for passengers arriving at Waitangi. The ambassador Program was introduced to give the passengers a friendly and informed welcome, polite and constructive assistance for directions, information and then ensure a safe and friendly flow to coaches, shuttles, tour operators, etc. This made a marked difference in our rating – pushing us into the top two New Zealand ports. Due to this highly improved rating, over the last four years, the Bay has achieved significant growth in passenger numbers compared to many other ports. We need to hold this rating. We need the Ambassador Program to help achieve this. We do not want to see the Bay lose opportunity and future business by the visitor experience being lowered due to the lack of the Ambassador Program.

A cruise ship day has become the Bay of Islands new ‘normal’ – But imagine how the season would look if they did not come in any-more?

Not only does your contribution meet the direct costs of running the program you also receive

  •  As a contributor to the Ambassador Program you will receive an email notification and all details of upcoming cruise ships as well as immediate notification of any changes to the cruise ship arrival/departure
  • A text message of any sudden and immediate changes/information
  • Electronic notification via Facebook groups of all details to do with imminent cruise ship arrival
  • An ‘Ambassador Program Supporter’ and a window sign will be provided

To fund this we are seeking a contribution from ALL businesses and organisations that benefit from the business generated by cruise ship visits. Fees have been capped, being:

  • Small to medium enterprises: $150+GST, or 5 monthly payments of $30 excl. GST
  • Medium to large enterprises $480+GST, or 5 monthly payments of $96 excl. GST
  • Larger enterprises: 12 + Staff $900-$1800+GST, dependent on business size

Please note that the stall holders on the Village Green contribute to the Program as well.

General enquiries around the Program and its operation, please contact Irwin Wilson – 09 402 5659

2019 – 2020 Ambassador Funding Programme V2