We are an incorporation of businesses from Paihia, Waitangi, Opua and Haruru Falls.  We aim to build a dynamic business environment and to be influential in decision making in our community.

Click  to view the Information Pack which has committee details and information on how to join Business Paihia  Business Paihia Information Pack 25th October 2018

What we do

  • Open lines of communication with local bodies, national tourism operators, government bodies, regional partners and regional business associations thus promoting the views of our local business community.
  • Business Paihia works closely with businesses, community groups and the NZ police to address security and safety issues in Paihia.
  • Meetings with guest speakers, training workshops and business seminars are organised from time to time, often in conjunction with other organizations or businesses such as Northland Inc or a specialist company. These are either free or at reduced rates for members.
  • A monthly newsletter is produced to provide up-to-date information on what is happening in the region, workshops, events and business opportunities.
  • Organise and run events – Christmas Parade, Paihia Summer Festival, New Year’s Eve Fireworks, outdoor entertainment in central Paihia over Summer, the “it” Bay of Islands Food & Wine Festival
  • Support local events such as the new Tastes of the North Festival
  • Bring new events to the region – The Weetbix Tryathlon was one of these.
  • Friday Breakfasts – a monthly breakfast catch up and great networking opportunity – last Friday of each month.
  • Business Paihia works closely with Focus There are Business Paihia Representatives on the Focus Paihia Trust.
  • Business Paihia Executive has representatives on many groups including the Bay of Islands Marketing Group, The Motel Association and Focus Paihia.
  • Business Paihia is a member of the Bay of Islands Marketing Group which is extremely beneficial to the region as a whole.
  • Business Paihia  is  continuously  looking  at  ways  to  improve  Paihia,  whether  it  is  through infrastructure, communications with local bodies, or festival and events
  • Cruise Ships – administer and support the Cruise Ship Ambassador Scheme, which has been successful in pushing the Bay of Islands up in the ratings and increasing the number of cruise ships visiting.
  •  Waste Minimisation
    • Business Paihia supplies a cardboard recycling crate for businesses which is located in the FNHL carpark behind library.
    • Business Paihia also created a zero waste event at the 2018 “it!” Bay of Islands Festival. Which included recycling, pig buckets and rented glasses so no disposable glasses.

Social Media


  • The Paihia website wwpaihianz.co.nz.
  • A directory of businesses, community groups and events.
  • As a Business Paihia member you can list your business for free on the website.
  • There is also a community section on the website where community organisations, sports groups, churches etc can list for at no charge
  • Events section

Our Events and Festivals

Paihia Christmas Parade – every town needs a Christmas Parade –many years ago for a while it looked like Paihia wasn’t going to – in stepped Business Paihia.  This goes hand in hand with the Business and Residential Christmas Decorating Competitions.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Extravaganza, a magical night, when fireworks light up the harbour, enjoyed by families and friends – creating a fantastic safe atmosphere on New Year’s Eve.

 Street Performers – for the past few years we have funded Fuse Circus Campground Chaos and The Biggest Little Circus to have street performances for 10 days from New Year’s Eve into January – a great draw card to get people into town.

 Paihia Summer Festival – over a week of free summer fun for children and families, and has a proven track record of drawing plenty of visitors to town

The “it!” Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival – An iconic NZ Headline Act, all day entertainment, quality local food and wine.  The festival is into its 9th year and has been getting bigger and better. This festival was on Labour Weekend for several years and then in 2016 we moved it to a quieter weekend – which still proved to be a success and had town humming and accommodation full!

All of this could not be achieved without the enthusiastic support of Business Paihia and local businesses!

Click  to view the Information Pack which has committee details and information on how to join Business Paihia  Business Paihia Information Pack 23rd October 2018